Photographer's Bio

Jack Pearson
March, 1961 - February, 2019

Please allow me to tell you about Jack (pictured with Phinn, above.) I am Elizabeth Pearson, his wife. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my photographer husband.

Jack wasn't born with a camera in his hand but he might as well have been. He always had a keen eye and an impressive sense of creativity but didn't hone his talent until after spending more than 30 years in the computer industry. Finally, he decided to make his photography more than a hobby. 

His favorite pictures were of nature, particularly birds, and the wonderful scenic opportunities he found here at the Indiana Dunes as well as while vacationing. He loved Mackinac Island, and has had his work featured at the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum as well as several island shops.

Jack’s photography has appeared in Birds and Blooms magazine, Bicycle Times magazine, Into the Nest (a nesting bird reference book by Laura Erickson and Marie Read) and various regional calendars, postcards, and displays. Additionally, Jack was active in the stock photography market (pictures sold to businesses and companies for their marketing needs.)

Along with being an amazing photographer, Jack was a wonderful man. He was thoughtful, engaging, and funny. Phinn was his best pal and expert photographer's assistant. Sadly, Jack's life was cut way too short in February, 2019 after an eight-month battle with malignant metastatic melanoma. He would have been amazed to hear how many people were touched by his photos, and by his caring and genuine interest in others. My goal here is to keep his legacy alive through his photography. I'm so grateful to still have this piece of him.

All profits from the work sold here (unless otherwise indicated) are donated to three worthy organizations:

If you have any questions about Jack's photography please don't hesitate to contact me.



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